Eduard ANTALUCA Enseignant-chercheur

Maître de Conférence | GU - Génie Urbain | AVENUES - Modélisation multi-échelle des systèmes urbains

Nowadays almost 50% of the world population lives in the cities and according to UN studies they will exceed 60% in 2030. So the cities will grow up and they will need more and more energy. Today, more than 3% of the land surface of our planet is covered by streets and urban areas. Moreover, for a number of urban areas it will be physically impossible to increase due to objective reasons. So the densification is the only available solution. In these conditions, in the design process, the consideration of natural light will improve the energy balance of buildings and minimize the negative impact of the cities on the environment. It becomes a fundamental requisite for architects and urban designers. In the near future, solar radiation studies will be extended to large urban areas. The collaboration between geographers, climatologists and physicists will be crucial in order to define the appropriate numerical and modeling approaches at different scales.
Eduard Antaluca


Eduard Antaluca
Maître de Conférence

Alliance Sorbonne Université
Université de technologie de Compiègne
Centre Pierre Guillaumat
Rue du docteur Schweitzer, CS 60319,
60203 Compiègne Cedex, France.