Ergun Fluidization Software

Modeling, Design and Expert Analysis of Fluidized Bed Systems

Ergun Software is an interactive computer program for design, study and modeling of bubbling and circulating fluidized beds and their peripherals. A new package is now available for the deisgn of Boilers and Steam Generators.

Ergun Software exists in three independent pakages:

1. Ergun BFB is dedicated to the modeling, Design and Expert Analysis of Bubbling Fluid Beds and their peripherals (grid, cyclone, heat exchanger, chemical reaction, etc.). In addition to the calculation modules, the pack includes a number of extra tools like a "Gas/Solid Database" for the preparation of data files (see environment), a "Video Show" and a "Slide Show" for training purposes. A complete illustrated case is treated in the "Tutorial". A "Virtual Expert" helps the user at each step of the design study.

2. Ergun CFB is dedicated to the Modeling, Design and Expert Analysis of Circulating Fluidized Beds and their peripherals (grid, cyclone, siphon, heat exchanger...). The program offers a number of the latest modeling methods for diverse aspects of a CFB design and study : "Flow Pattern", "Highly Charged Cyclones", "Pressure Equilibrium Diagram", etc. In addition to the modeling of the above items, the software provides an impressive tool for the modeling of a complete CFB system with secondary air (if any) and population balance. The pack includes the famous Ergun "Gas/Solid" Database with all its features.

3. Ergun Boilers Design Software is dedicated to the design of coal combustors and Boilers. The program successfully uses the PINCH concept to optimize the steam generation efficieny of the boiler. It also provides a number of features and tools to simplify the deisgn procedure for a given "fuel". The user does not need to be "an expert" in the Power Generation field. The program works in three simple steps of calculation where all the key procedures all clearly explained.

Bed dimensions (with or without cyclones) as well as "Superheaters", "Reheaters", "Economizer" and "Air Heater" characteristcs are provide at the end of the designstep. The software defines the most economic solution and advises about the use of "Wing Walls" and/or Exrenal Heat Exchangers".

For more information about each pack, please consult the corresponding links.

Ergun Fluidization Software

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