Victor SANTAMARIA Ingénieur

Research Engineer | IM - Ingénierie Mécanique | ROBERVAL - Mécanique, Energie et Electricité

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Non-linear Continuum Mechanics Mechanical Characterization Computational Methods Optimization Robust Design Method
During eleven years, my research has focused in Biomechanics, especially in the field of Advanced Mechanics of Materials. I have an extensive experience in the definition of experimental protocols and robust techniques to characterize the mechanical properties and behavior of soft tissues, biomaterials and composite. Furthermore, I work in the field of linear and non-linear continuum mechanics. I am specialized in computational methods (Finite Element Analysis and Multi-agent Based Analysis), elastography and noncontact optical methods (Digital Image and Volume Correlation), image processing, optimization and robust design methods (Design of Experiments and Taguchi Method).
Victor Santamaria


Víctor Acosta Santamaría
Ingénieur de recherche

Roberval - UTC
Centre de Recherche
Rue Roger Couttolenc,
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